10 Must-Have Resources for
Graphic Designers

As a graphic designer, having the right tools and resources can make all the difference in creating stunning visuals and staying ahead of the curve. 

Many designers choose only one tools for begin so that they can start their journey as well as learn more skill i personally like envato elements features cuz it not only gave us the design resources but all the design courses and has special offer for students that very affordable for them in this blog i will not show you 10 resources for designers but give you the pain points of these tools 

Here are ten essential resources every graphic designer should have in their toolkit.

1. Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Description: A comprehensive suite of graphic design software including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and more.
  • Why It’s Essential: Industry-standard tools for photo editing, vector graphics, and layout design.

2. Envato Elements

  • Description: A subscription-based service offering unlimited downloads of high-quality graphics, templates, and design assets.
  • Why It’s Essential: Provides a vast library of resources that can enhance any design project.

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3. Canva

  • Description: An online design tool with easy-to-use templates for social media graphics, presentations, posters, and more.
  • Why It’s Essential: Ideal for quick, professional designs without the need for advanced skills.

4. Behance

  • Description: A platform to showcase and discover creative work.
  • Why It’s Essential: Great for finding inspiration and networking with other designers.

5. Dribbble

  • Description: A community where designers share screenshots of their work and get feedback.
  • Why It’s Essential: Perfect for finding design inspiration and showcasing your portfolio.

6. Skillshare

  • Description: An online learning community with thousands of classes on design, illustration, and more.
  • Why It’s Essential: Learn new skills and stay updated with the latest design trends.

7. Fonts In Use

  • Description: A comprehensive library of real-world typography.
  • Why It’s Essential: Helps designers choose the right fonts for their projects by seeing them in action.

8. Unsplash

  • Description: A source of high-resolution, free-to-use photos.
  • Why It’s Essential: Provides beautiful imagery to complement your designs.

9. Pantone Color Finder

  • Description: A tool for finding and using Pantone colors in your design projects.
  • Why It’s Essential: Ensures color accuracy and consistency across different media.

10. UpLabs

  • Description: A community of designers sharing UI kits, templates, and other resources.
  • Why It’s Essential: Access to a variety of design assets to streamline your workflow.

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