Marketing Consultancy

We are also practical about what marketing costs a business and always keep costs front and centre of our planning.

Go to Market Strategy

Execution is the better part of strategy.

From 2010 onwards , Sabu Pappachan carried out the responsibility as an outsourced CMO for more than 25 clients in India . As an interim CMO , he brings clarity in thoughts , develop the strategy and lead marketing initiatives. For international clients he performed as India based marketing consultant.

Once a plan is created and agreed, we work hand in hand with the customer, designing metrics and monitoring progress at a very close level. Since we are continuously involved in marketing engagements across the spectrum of technology businesses, we understand what it takes to get your product or service front and centre of your customers and to win their confidence into making the buying decision. The insights we have gained, in good as well as uncertain times, are available to our customers who are setting out to do this for the first time.

International Marketing

Reaching into international markets needs connections and a knowledge of local business culture. This is often a serious issue for technology entrepreneurs who rarely understand beyond the virtual worlds they work their magic in. Costs of marketing abroad are an order of magnitude higher than domestic marketing costs and so it must be a well considered decision to enter foreign markets. We help with branding, finding local partners, establishing beachheads, determining entry strategies and designing the right metrics.

Expected ROI

  • Increase in business lead generation
  • Increase in awareness to build partners / alliance
  • Effective ipselling & cross selling
  • Innovative ways to approach international clients
  • Art of networking